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  • Could you first introduce yourself? Who's Anthony?

  • I’m a french filmmaker and photographer travelling around the world for my passion. I’m deeply in love with portraits, fashion, beauty, aspirational feelings and mystery .10 years ago I began my adventure in an audiovisual production company as an editor. I got the chance to be one of the editor of Cartier L’Odysee. This project propulse me in the editing of advertising movie, and I got the opportunity to do a lot of project in luxury, fashion, and beauty. One day, a producer and a director saw my work in filmmaking and photography and decided to trust me. That’s how I began video shooting campaign for Elite Model Look international in Shenzhen 7 years ago. Since then, it has never stopped ! 

  • How did you get involved with photography?

  • Since I was a filmmaker first, in the beginning I saw photography more than an experimental field. During my spare time, I making portrait photography of model I use to shoot for fashion campaign and just post it on my instagram account @blinkcut. And it worked well, I had more than 10K followers and instagram became a new way of opportunities.

  • Why fashion photography?

  • I was already involved in fashion industry with my work as a filmmaker. I suppose my clients liked the atmosphere of my style. And I like it so much, I think they feel it too :)

  • Many studies have been revealing video content is preferred to image content. Do you feel any shift in your client requests?

  • Sur, in photography a new technical style is getting more and more known because of this: cinemagraph. Sometimes it happened they ask me those for their website homepage. But at the end, it all depends what story or message you want to share with your audience. Video are almost like the title of a photography. Like them, it can give more clarity to your main subject, or express an emotion, an attitude, an atmosphere, a mystery. Today, my clients almost always ask me to choose some frame in the film, like if they wanted to summarize the movie with a couple of key frame. In a way, it’s an easy way to show them the evolution of the movie. They can use those as video thumbnail, press documents, carrousel, ad teaser etc. 

  • Is the process of working with models different when it comes to producing a film or a still image?

  • I think it’s similar in a lot of way like in the relationship with your model. But be careful, in a film, retouching is more expansive. It’s not photoshop on a frame, you have to use software as Flame or Flint and track, rotoscope, to have the perfect skin and hair. So be aware that makeup, hairstylist have to be more focus during the shoot to readjust take after take. Furthermore, as long as you, your model, your client are on the same page, wonderful surprises can happened.

  • Do you have a preference between one or the other?

  • I love when I see my work coming alive. In photography that happened during the color grading. In filmmaking, it happened during the editing. So it’s too different for me to really have a clear preference.

  • How do you communicate with models in order to obtain a candid outcome?

  • Using a model agency or directly DM on instagram.

  • What are your tips for other photographers looking to have a start in the fashion industry?

  • Make a book, use instagram as a book, invest in doing work you can use to show your futur clients what you can do. Make fake ads and tag the brand in it. If you feel it can really lead to somewhere try to do some stuff for free (like a small thing and then negotiate an enveloppe for a bigger one). And learn to talk about you, don’t be shy, a lot of people are talented, but not all of them are able to manage a human relationship with others.

  • What is your dream collaboration?

A netflix series about a secret project I have in mind for a long time now, but Shh it’s a secret ! 

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